With Family and Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

The worst thing about Trumps presidency is not what we learned about him. It’s what we learned about our family and friends.

I am not going to take sides here because naturally everyone feels they are right and those not agreeing with them are wrong. I am just saying that this Trump stuff is ripping family and friends apart. We have had in my family three altercations. Nothing that needed the police or anything, but enough for several to say, “hey this is getting out of hand.” We have never ever done this before.

The crap is online too. Visit sites and you either see a bunch of deletes under a trump post comment section, or you see comments turned off and a few hundred or more post ripping hearts out.

Social Media has gone nuts too. If you want to see the good stuff go to Twitter. Look up any one of Trumps post and read the comments. The real bad is under the immigrant post. Much of it you can’t repeat because it is that bad, and some of it if the law doesn’t show up at their home it’s a miracle.

The tough stuff to read though is right under your nose on Facebook. As soon as you post you have someone coming in and trash talking every word you type. I never seen crap like this before. It’s crazy!

All I got to say folks is stay focused and remember you are not talking to trump you are talking to family or friends, and you have had them in your life far longer and a whole lot closer to you than Trump will ever get to you. Stay grounded even if that means you walk away. Leave if you have too. Go out for ice cream or something. Don’t allow the politics of Trump to rip your family and friends apart because you will regret it later if not sooner. There is no one in politics worth loosing family and friends over. Stay safe.

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